9.09 - 16.09 / 2023
wine sailing retreat
Wine Voyage from Naples to Amalfi
«Campania Felix», the happy land, as the Romans called it, is a treasury of outstanding wines. Volcanic terroirs at the sea's edge give life to particularly charismatic wines. And we are going to explore them.
I always dreamt of doing it this way — barefoot and in linen trousers, with the gentle splash of waves and the salty touch of the wind, occasionally squinting at the distant islands vanishing in the haze. Giving a masterclass on Champagne. Telling that chalk is the seabed of a prehistoric era, rubbing the minerality of Côt-de-Blancs on the palate along with the saltiness of lips. During the break — bathing in azure waters. While we dry off — some Blanc de Noirs. As the sun sets — Rosé de Saignée.

I pondered and wondered where to place this dream until I saw the Amalfi coast, reached Capri, landed on Ischia, approached Vesuvius, and delved into Irpinia — enchanted places, destined by fate for wine sailing. Pergolas climb the cliffs, carefree vignerons gather golden grapes on the dizzying terraces . Volcanic terroirs at the sea's edge give life to charismatic wines. Biancolella, Forastera, Falanghina, Fiano, Greco, Aglianico, Piedirosso — the names of local grape varieties caress the ear. Campania Felix — the fortunate land, as the Romans called it — a treasury of outstanding wines. And we are going to explore them. So what about the Champagne? We'll bring it with us.
8 days
7 nights
Total relaxation on a comfort sailing catamaran with excursions to the renowned wine-producing regions of Irpinia, Vesuvius, Ischia, and Amalfi.
7 best wineries

Vesuvius covers cities in ash, yet it breathes life into outstanding wines as well. We'll visit the finest wineries along the coast and islands.
€ 5 500

Included: cabin accommodation, sailing cruise, transfers, tastings, tours, breakfasts, and most lunches and dinners.

Wine Voyage Dates:
September 9-16, 2023
On Saturday, September 9th, we gather in the town of Pozzuoli near Naples, where our «Argo» awaits for us. After lunch, you can settle onto the yacht. We become accustomed to the sea and each other, and early in the morning, we set off on a yachting retreat through enchantingly beautiful places, making excursions to the renowned wine-producing regions of Irpinia, Vesuvius, Ischia, and Amalfi. Oysters, raw seafood, and marine delicacies are on the menu. Wine tastings & master-classes will serve to keep swimming in the azure depths and «dolce far niente» from becoming monotonous. On the morning of the 16th, we conclude our circuit along the Gulf of Naples and Amalfi coasts in Pozzuoli. Our route might change depending on the weather, but we'll put in all efforts to ensure that rearranging the elements only increases the sum.
8 reasons to go
What we plan to do:
  • 1
    Swimming abundantly in the pure azure waters, basking in the sun, and engaging in conversations about beauty.
  • 2
    Visiting the finest winemakers of Vesuvius, Irpinia, Ischia, and Amalfi.
  • 3
    Exploring the enchantingly beautiful islands Procida, Capri, Ischia, the Gulf of Naples, and the Amalfi coast.
  • 4
    Sampling the indigenous Campania grape varieties at their finest: Fiano, Greco, Falanghina, Biancolella, Forastera, Aglianico, Piedirosso.
  • 5
    Satisfying cravings with the freshest seafood, fish, and oysters.
  • 6
    Relaxing in Ischia's thermal springs.
  • 7
    Enhancing knowledge and tasting skills with Italy's volcanic wines and Champagne styles.
  • 8
    Collecting tales of gods and heroes who savoured these blessed places from the dawn of civilization to our present day.
8 days of joy
Day 1 — September 9
Marina Relaxation
We gather in the town of Pozzuoli, located near Naples. Our «Argo» awaits us here. After lunch, you can settle onto the yacht. For those arriving early, there's a planned wine excursion to one of Italy's volcanic zones—Campi Flegrei—to visit the Sibilla winery. Welcome dinner in Pozzuoli.
Day 2 — September 10
We set sail for Procida, a tiny island of incredible beauty. It's just a stone's throw away, no more than an hour's journey. Lemon groves, fishing nets, a mosaic of colourful houses and boats. We swim with pleasure, slow down, and relax. There are only a few vineyards on the island, so we'll bring wine with us and start with a masterclass on Italy's volcanic wines.
Day 3 — September 11
Vesuvius and Pompeii
We set sail early for the marina at Castellamare di Stabia. After breakfast with Blanc de Blancs, we'll embark on a quest for the best wines of Vesuvius. With Paolo Sorrentino (not to be confused with the director), we'll witness the great beauty of red Piedirosso and white Catalanesca. We'll visit Setaro or Olivella and then head to Pompeii to explore the stories of our ancestors' leisurely lives.
Day 4 — September 12
We'll sail around the picturesque Sorrentine Peninsula to reach one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world — the Amalfitan coast. After lunch, we'll ascend to the town of Amalfi itself, which offers breathtaking views of the bay. It's hard to believe, but heroic viticulture flourishes on rocky ledges; impressive pergolas support vines, and the mere thought of harvest makes your head spin. We'll visit the cellars and terraces of the legendary Maria Cuomo, known for crafting some of the finest wines in southern Italy.
Day 5 — September 13
Taurasi, Tufo, Avellino
Aglianico is one of Italy's great red varieties. It thrives on volcanic tuff, compressed ash that Vesuvius has erupted for millennia, resulting in particularly passionate, long-lived wines. Fiano, from the Avellino region, also volcanic, is one of my favourite white varieties in Italy. So, we're off to Irpinia for the day, visiting exceptional wineries: Quintodecimo, Feudi di San Gregorio, and Joaquin. In the evening, we'll return to our boat.
Day 6 — September 14
Capri and the Islands
After a morning visit to the legendary Montevetrano winery, we'll head to the picturesque cluster of islands in the Amalfitan marina—the Li Galli archipelago. We'll spend some time there and then set a course for Capri. Can you guess what we'll be drinking while gazing at this beautiful island? Correct, it’s Champagne Blanc de Noirs. We'll explore the island, dine there, and then sail to Ischia.
Day 7 — September 15
As beautiful as Capri is, we have much to do in Ischia. Firstly, the Aphrodite & Apollon thermal baths, secondly, fantastic seafood restaurants, and thirdly, Biancolella and Forastera — local white varieties performed by Cenatiempo and Casa d'Ambra. Let's add another volcanic terroir to our collection. At three in the afternoon, we'll weigh anchor and head back to our beloved Pozzuoli. Farewell dinner in town and our last night on board.
Day 8 — September 16
Return to the Home Port
Final breakfast on board and a sparkling farewell salute. By 9:00, we'll return the yacht to the base.
Our Yachts
Bali 5.4
A 54-foot sail-motor catamaran with six double guest cabins.
A motor-sail catamaran is a spacious, comfortable twin-hulled yacht. Catamarans sail without heeling—an ideal choice for a wine cruise! Moreover, our yachts are sail-equipped. This means that in suitable wind conditions, we'll turn off the engines, hoist the sails, and hear only the gentle lapping of waves and the comforting creaking of rigging. Nevertheless, we do have engines, two on each catamaran, allowing us to quickly and comfortably reach any point on the route in calm or against the wind.
Fountaine Pajot Aura 51
A 51-foot sail-motor catamaran with five double guest cabins.
A catamaran offers much more space than a single-hulled yacht. Its vast salon, wide deck, and flybridge (upper deck or captain's bridge) provide genuine hedonistic comfort for passengers and crew. Each cabin on our yachts features its own shower and toilet and individual climate control. The cabins have lockers and drawers for your belongings, bedding, and towels—just like in rooms of decent hotels. The cabins are compact yet truly comfortable, and you'll likely only be sleeping in them; trust me, you'll have plenty to keep you occupied.
Captain and Crew
  • Stanislav Marzell
    Internationally Certified Skipper
    «Starting the morning with a glass of rosé and Sinatra's 'Fly Me to the Moon' is a tradition of my hedonistic cruises. For 7 years, I've been kindling people's love for the sea and sails, with dozens of maritime and oceanic passages, regattas, and cruises—each one unique and beautiful, just like every maritime sunset. My guiding principle is to blend safety, adventure, and hedonism. Welcome on board!»
  • Evgenia Shlykova
    Hedonist Guide
    «I love when hedonism is exquisitely organized: from comfortable transfers to authentic restaurants, from unique attractions to atmospheric photos for memories. My greatest pleasure is seeing the happy smiles on participants’ faces»
  • Crew
    Our Hostesses
    The essential condition for complete relaxation is the absence of domestic chores. Enjoy the cruise and the wine without thinking about the routine. Our hostesses will ensure you wake up to a splendid breakfast, provide suitable snacks to accompany the wines, and keep the common spaces comfortable and clean—even if the hymns to Bacchus continue well past midnight.
Vasily Raskov

I have a deep love for wine. I studied it with excitement and pleasure, first at the Moscow Enotria (2010), and then at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) school in London (2016-2017). WSET Diploma Level 4 is quite cool, but it's not the limit; there's still the Master of Wine program. They might come up with another level called Wine God.

I also love telling stories. From 2010 to 2018, I was one of the lead authors of Simple Wine News magazine. I was a wine columnist of Kommersant Weekend and Aeroflot Premium till 2021. I travelled extensively through wine regions, interviewed winemakers, and tasted, tasted, tasted. In 2019, I have launched the Vakhademia Wine School. In 2023, the Vakhademia team won the first prize among 45 teams in the First Russian Blind Tasting Championship. I live in Piedmont.
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€ 5 500*
basic price for double occupancy

€ 10 500
yacht cabin price for couples

€ 10 000
yacht cabin price for a single occupancy

* Included: transfers within Italy, a place on the yacht in a comfortable double cabin, breakfasts, tastings at wineries, masterclasses, and other activities, guides, most lunches and dinners. Visa and flight are not included.
Accommodation is based on double occupancy. For solo travellers, we will match you with a suitable roommate. If this option doesn’t suit you, you can rent a cabin privately.
€ 1 000 discount for single occupancy cabins.
€ 500 discount for couples.
What about sea sickness?
  • What if I get seasick?
    Motion sickness occurs only in enclosed moving spaces. If you relax on the deck, gaze at the sea, engage in conversations, and participate in yacht handling, you won't be affected by motion sickness. If you experience true "seasickness," the kind that affects you in planes, cars, or any moving objects, you're probably familiar with it. In other cases, we provide remedies like «Dramine» and advice from the skipper.
  • Can I really take part in yacht handling?
    Absolutely! If you're interested, you'll quickly learn to manage the sails. It starts with "pull that rope over there, let go of this one," and in 2-3 days, you'll be adjusting the jib or hauling the mainsail car all the way to the left. Don't worry, handling the sails is voluntary. Modern sailing yachts are designed to be managed by one or two crew members.
  • Is there electricity on the yacht?
    Yes, there are 220V outlets and standard European sockets on the yacht. Electricity might be temporarily unavailable while sailing under sails with engines turned off. During longer anchorages, we may disconnect electricity to preserve battery charge. If necessary, you can always switch to the diesel generator.
  • And is there air conditioning?
    Certainly yes. Each cabin is equipped with individual climate control.
  • What other amenities are in the cabins?
    Our yachts are essentially floating boutique hotels. The Bali 5.4 catamaran has six guest cabins and two crew cabins, while the Aura 51 has five guest cabins and one crew cabin. All cabins are double occupancy with queen-sized beds. They have storage lockers, individual lighting, and standard 220V electrical outlets, and each cabin has an en-suite toilet and shower with electric flush pumps.
  • The cabins are double occupancy, but I'm travelling alone. Will I have to share with a stranger?
    You won't be with a stranger for long, and there's a chance you might become best friends, as has often happened on our cruises and regattas! Of course, your cabin mate will be of the same gender, and, moreover, you'll only be using the cabin for sleeping. However, if this doesn't suit you, you can opt to book the entire cabin with an additional discount.
  • What kind of clothing should I bring?
    September isn't as hot as August, but it's still considered a summer month in Italy. The sea stays warm until October. Daytime temperatures are around +26°C (about 79°F), while nights can drop to +17°C (about 63°F), so it's a good idea to have some long-sleeved clothing or even a light windbreaker. The likelihood of rain is low.
  • Can I smoke on the yacht?
    Only a pipe. Just kidding. Smoking is allowed on the windward side of the deck, making sure the smoke doesn't bother other crew members, and ash should be disposed of on the deck.
  • Do we spend the night out at sea?
    We spend the night on the yacht (catamaran), in special yacht ports called marinas. For one or two nights, weather permitting, we might anchor in sheltered bays away from waves and wind. It's a romantic and unique experience.
  • What does «marina» means?
    A marina is a dedicated port for yachts, equipped with suitable docks where yachts can be connected to shore power and refill freshwater tanks. Marinas usually have cafes, restaurants, information services, tourism bureaus, and even automatic laundromats.
  • What if there's a storm?
    Storms are highly unlikely. We plan our cruises during times of good weather. But if we're really "lucky" and encounter bad weather, we'll wait it out in the marina for better conditions. Importantly, a storm can't catch us at sea, and we won't undertake excessively long passages.
  • How long are the sea crossings?
    The routes are designed to keep sea crossings between 2-3 hours, with a maximum of 4-5 hours. If you want, you can always stop, take a swim or dive, or chase dolphins.
  • Is all of this safe?
    Each cruise starts with a thorough safety briefing. Safety rules are fairly simple, and as long as they're followed, you have nothing to worry about. The yacht's safety equipment and its working condition are carefully checked by the skipper upon receiving the yacht from the charter company.
  • How should I respond to the captain's requests?
    All crew members must fully understand that the captain is in charge of the vessel. His instructions should be carried out precisely and without hesitation, as this affects the overall safety, and sometimes even your life. In practice, the captain rarely asks for anything and almost never uses an authoritative tone, except in emergencies.
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